Data Processing Services

Data is one major benchmark for any decision making process and decisions forms the core for any business implications, for about 18 years now we have partnered with many clients around Globe to help them process their data and pass it over back to them in desired format, with world fast moving towards an era of Artificial Intelligence, Data and data related process from simple Data extraction, Data entry, Data Integration, Data Analysis to complex Artificial Intelligence Algorithm training data plays a major role.

Business Agility is what determines and describes i-Cons Technologies as a whole, flexibility and adaptability is what makes us a strong contender on any process we do. We can provide support for both online and offline Data Processing services.

We can be your trusted partner for outsourcing your data processing work, we adapt latest technologies, we look to automate the process as an first option, we apply many different tools to achieve desired result, we understand speed and quality is paramount for any outsourced work and we always believe that any process that we are allocated would be time centric and quality centric, looking back we feel satisfied that 99 out of 100 times we have achieved to do so. Number of repeat clients coming back to us seeking to outsource data processing services is an profound proof that we would be happy to share…

List of Data Processing work that can be outsourced to us…
I-Cons Technologies – Advantages:
  • Data Security:We guarantee comprehensive information security & confidentiality of client’s data which is also strictly governed by NDA
  • Accurate:Our quality assurance team carries out data pointwise multi-level quality controls and auditing
  • Fast:The typical typing speed of our Data Entry associates is around 40 words per minute which empowers us to deliver essential output faster
  • Experience:Our experience of 15+ years in data processing facilitates us to deliver almost every potential data processing project you have
  • Cost-Effective:Our in-built 360 degrees of data processing competence enables us to deliver the best affordable rates