Content Management Services

i-Cons support end to end content management services, we have capabilities on extracting required inputs from different sources and upload them into backend system. We have expertise working with many different CMS (Content Management System) prevailing in current market, we can also work on any new system by self-learning and understanding the nuances very quickly.

We can provide support services from creating, editing and publishing the products, our team have skillset to understand different categories of different product lines and help the backend algorithm to display the product under right category and give right suggestion for the users to take a decision.

List of services we can support for Content Management...
  • Edit using WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor
  • Tools to tag content and create a taxonomy
  • Edit Page templates
  • Work with different themes
  • Mobile optimization
  • Work with responsive page design
  • Drafting and Publishing
  • Form generation
  • Content scheduling
  • Managing page Assets (images, articles, etc.)
  • SEO support
  • Browser compatibility
  • Bulk Processing the Listings
  • E-commerce functionality (i.e., catalog, shopping cart, payment processing)
  • Community management (i.e., commenting, profiles)
  • API
  • Working with Analytics tools
  • Import and export contents