eBook and ePub Services

Every publishing houses, schools and universities are working hard to create a paperless environment possibly to help the eco system and also to make the experience of reading or learning seamless. The advent of gadgets integrated with seamless internet services have expanded reach and widened the boundaries. Today we are talking about paper thin gadgets which can soon become reality and bring back the Realtime paper reading experience but electronically, as a major step towards that, all major publishing agencies, printers, schools and universities need to fast convert their paper contents to electronic format.

We are pioneers in creating eBooks and ePub from all possible inputs that can be offered into all major reading devices and applications. We can create eBooks, ePub, Kindle, Mobi, Nook and all other possible outputs and deploy them into specific online stores.

We have capabilities to create a simple text only fixed layout eBook/ePub to complex multicolumn and interactive eBook/ePub.

List of Services that i-Cons can offer…
  • Fixed Layout eBook/ePub
  • Flowable eBook/ePub
  • HTML5 and ePub3 eBooks
  • Interactive eBooks/ePub
  • eBook/ePub Distribution into online Stores
  • Books as library and Mobile App