Archiving and Indexing Services

Preserving only electronic bits, so that in the future, someone with appropriate skills and resources can figure out how to render or otherwise make it usable in then-Current technology. For this to happen we need comprehensive techniques to archive and index the document keeping in mind tomorrow’s technology. We have developed a customized end-to-end solution for indexing and archiving by thinking ahead of the so-called future technology.

Are You hassled with your Business Documents?

Is your business document’s such as Permanent Records, Legal Case Files, Account Books, Instruction Manuals, Resolution Bound Book, Technical Manuals, Magazines, Newsletters, Catalogs, Parts List, Resumes, Receipts, Faxes, etc.. are becoming more hurdle to be handled, I-Constech provides you with an extremely inexpensive solution for you to digitize the documents as per your requirement.

Our Archiving and Indexing service includes :
  • Data backup and Duplication
  • Full Profile and Text Indexing
  • Quick Document Retrieval
  • OCR or Image to text Conversion
  • Paper to Digital document conversion
  • PDF Creation
  • Cataloging and Publishing