Workflow Applications

Located in India, i-Cons provide web development and programming services and combines them to create web-based Workflow applications, eCommerce, and professional websites. If you are looking for professional and effective web developers, We can help!

Many software development projects today involve Workflow in a web application format. Our expertise team is highly experienced in evaluating your business and applying technology to improve your current processes. Our web applications make interaction between you, your team, and most importantly your customers more efficiently. Planning, building and deploying eCommerce solutions requires a solid understanding of not only web development, but Internet security, accounting systems, customer relationship management, and web services technology to be truly effective. We are pioneers for such verticals.

We create engaging, interactive Internet, Extra-net, and Intranet sites. Designed for your customers, suppliers, or employees, our professional websites bring your information to the people you want to have it.

We have experience in building custom web applications for businesses large and small. Our Workflow solutions range from asset management to human resources to insurance appraisal systems. Our team can quickly identify areas of your processes that are causing delays, duplication of effort, and inefficiencies. During our discovery process we will plan critical integration points and if appropriate, recommend a rule engine for control of your business logic.

Better Business Process Management will give you :
  • Increased customer focus and satisfaction
  • Higher employee productivity and retention
  • Greatly reduced cycle times including time to market
  • Significantly lower costs
  • If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, You don’t know what you’re doing.

  • W.Edwards Deming-Father of Quality
  • The Sculptor produces the beautiful statue by chipping away such parts of the marble block as are not needed-It’s a process of elimination.

  • Elbert Hubbard.
  • “Risk and Reward” Outsourcing way!

    An organization wide recognition of the importance of risk management processes, tools and an omnipresent risk management culture is essential to maximizing shareholder value. Profits are the reward for taking a risk. Risk and reward are positively correlated—the higher the risk accepted by a business, the higher the business’s expectations of return. Value created from the financial or operational decisions taken by the managers of a business is reflected in revenue increases, We say outsourcing is “risk” but the rewards are multi-fold which overshadows the risk.

    Just cost saving is not enough, Outsourcing data processing requirements enables all business models to maintain and achieve uptime and competitive effectiveness, We build relationship through our outsourcing approach to make you feel at home rather than worrying about your data intensive and people centric jobs being handled by a stranger. Our secure infrastructure, quality assurance methodologies, and knowledge management practices, reduce dependencies and risks allowing our customers to grow their core business while we manage their non-core operations.

    Business Process Solutions :

    Today there are real opportunities to use strategic Business Process Outsourcing and Services to generate revenue, We eliminate inefficiencies, and create a better experience for our customers. Over the years we have been focusing on constantly improving ourselves to offer the most comprehensive yet flexible and competitive solutions to our clients. Higher value business transformation begins with a proven partner that understands the challenges of your industry and for sure we Understand our client’s challenges.

    “What we Offer”
  • We enable our customers receive the best outsourcing experience with value realization
  • We run customized end-to-end processes for every Business Models
  • Leveraged utilization of capital outlay and Reduce operational Cost
  • Operational efficiency to improve profitability and productivity
  • Bridge the business entity with technological advantage
  • Getting more relevant to the customer by focusing on their business values
  • Updates Technologies to enrich customer delight
  • Vision :

    “To be a Topnotch Solutions Company Serving Prestige’s Clients in Global Markets”