Website Re-Engineering Services

Our Expert team is specialized in the field of Website Re-Engineering or simply Website Re-Development. We trust and believe the fact that “The thing that works good and looks good, Sells good”. That’s the breathing principle our team would have in mind while creating new websites, products or Re-develop the websites. Its real fact that sometimes, the product is very good, but the website is not that interesting, impressive or attractive, which in turn leads to sales loss.

The Website Re-Engineering is a complex task, however our team of experts have developed an exclusive customized end-to-end solution to make that complex task easier. Adapting to changing environment within todays phased business models is the key to survival. The existence and power of Internet technology is making many businesses rethink their core marketing strategies. Professional website design allows small businesses to extend their reach and sell their products around the world. Larger companies are seeing an overall flattening of the market. And speed and agility have become the new metric of innovation.

For many business models that have already adopted the Internet technology, it is time to refocus their online presence with a website re-engineering. Whether it’s aligning their online presence with their offline brand image or leveling the playing field with their competitors, the key to survival is continuous adaptation to new technology and improvement.

Aspects we evaluate with our re-engineering process :
  • Overall Strategy
  • Time taken to download the website
  • Overall website functionality
  • Navigational ease
  • Overall Graphic Presentation
  • Content Usage
  • Information Process
  • Contact and Responsiveness ease
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Our Web Services Include :
  • Include Sitemap and/or search form
  • Avoid using frames
  • Write articles on subject linked to your products/Services
  • Use web safe colors
  • Including Meta Tags on every pages
  • Make sure the title tags are Relevant
  • Submit to search engines and directories
  • Our Five Step Structure :

    Analysis: This is the first phase of the Re-Engineering cycle. This is quiet similar to the first phase of our Web Development cycle. Here we discuss the requirements, understands client’s product etc. with client interactions. We understand “What’s need to be done”. This phase can be further divided into sub-phases, that are as follows:

  • Analysis of requirements
  • Analysis of current website
  • Analysis of “what needs to be done”
  • Strategy Planning: Once we have clear understanding over the current website and the look & feel that the client wants to have, we make a document, dealing with what to be done and how to meet that requirements. Here we make the strategy of execution of different steps while in development phase to meet the requirements with high precision.

    Development Phase: In this phase, we execute the development plan according to the Requirement documents created. The development is carried out with state-of-the-art technology and expert team with good log book details presiding with the requirement document, as the actual website takes the shape here from pieces of documents.

    Testing: The Testing phase comprises 4 steps. Before launching the product is tested with real time environment to completely check the functionality. The various steps of Testing are as :

  • White Box Testing
  • Alpha Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • Beta Testing
  • The above mentioned test are imperative before launching the website for any hassle free functioning.

    Support: We provide our customers with an exclusive 6 months after sales support, that’s if any of our client, finds any bug in our application within first 6 months after completion of project, we can fix it for free. We also provide support via AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) at affordable price.