Software Testing Services

Our testing offerings and expertise are nurtured by our world-class practice, Our Testing practice is dedicated to innovation, acquisition and dissemination of best-of-breed testing methodologies, and tools. Our skilled and expertized engineers with leading-edge technologies help improve quality of your successful software products.

Product engineering is challenging…Talk about the shrinking time and cost margins, need to constantly innovate, keep pace with customer expectations, adapt to ever changing technologies, tune to transforming business models, and most importantly manage talent. It takes a leader and it takes evolution through experiences to be able to stand before these challenges and still deliver value to the customers.

US Department of Commerce estimated that software bugs cost $59.5 billion to the US economy. About $2 billion of the estimated $13 billion global software testing market is accounted for by Indian companies. India has become one of the leading destinations for offshore testing, with market opportunities for the offshore software testing companies currently at $2 billion, and expected to rise to $8 billion by 2008.

Any business model having more than enough time and money would look into ample opportunity for creating exhaustive test strategies, World class testing plans with complete code coverage and recursively adaptable testing frameworks with all possible features included. If you are looking for high-end testing services then you are reading the right page. We offer services within the limitations of the scheduled budget, and available resources, your products can be delivered faster with fewer bugs, with increase in scalability, security and performance which can yield more return of investment (ROI).

To develop a road map for achieving well defined goals with respect to test standardization, application quality, business risk, project cost and time to market, our approach towards addressing this situation is by having the right spirit and partnership approach within the customers.

Our Software Testing Services include
  • Automation Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Defining the business goals and key quality attributes for effective quality management
  • Identify metrics for measuring the performance
  • Prioritizes the efforts such as metrics and their parameters
  • Gradual Implementation
  • i-Cons provide complete support to help you meet the demands of your business and are careful to recommend solutions that do not impact upon your ability to deliver. A key factor in any engagement is the continuous improvement and the development of your own staff. We will work with you to apply improvements to your system’s life cycle, minimizing the cost of testing whilst at the same time optimizing the process to improve the quality of delivered systems.