Data Conversion and Outsourcing IT Enabled Services

Data is the easiest word to spell but hardest to understand, Converting Data into a meaningful value to help decision making is such a time consuming and laborious task, the bigger question is “Does it worth to invest in Data Conversion and Data Analysis Services” it’s always good to have uncertainties which in turn gives any Startups or Established Business house the resolve to make the data analysis more precise and more related to the Questions in front! Getting 60-70% closer to the expected variants will be an achievement by itself. If we hit that benchmark, rest assured the decision outcome becomes more accurate.

“Data is so important” Data when integrated with “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” of a self-driving car, the decision-making capacity of the algorithm using the feed data can make or break your existence”

Whenever I’m TA for a introductory CS class where students learn some programming language, I have trouble coming up with good exercises. Problems from Project Euler and the like are usually much too difficult for beginners, especially if they don’t have a strong background in mathematics.

Data “The Magic Wand” in Business Perspective!

Data can make or break, which can give clear insights if the startups are destined to be unicorns or unicorpses, if the long-running business is at prime or its fag end, or for any startups to decide on the directions to move forward. Data values are always a challenge striding between the lines of growth and sustainability.

Data can play a big role, so when you think about converting data into meaningful information for any startup and any growing or prime business houses, setting the benchmark is always going to be a see-saw effort clinging back and forth. Data Analysis gives you a clear picture if the business trajectory is upwards or downwards, do you need a course data correction or entirely a different direction. Data play a big part in decision-making in modern-day Business.

Data “The influencer” in Political Perspective!

Many political houses are rocking the world by just playing around with the data and then influence the demographic’s based on the analysis, Data conversion and Analysis is a tool that can decide political landscape and potentially is more and more are becoming the deciding factor, Data cannot be termed as “reading between the lines” anymore if we get the Data conversion and analysis value right adding value with AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms, many spectrums can be influenced.

Data “The Culture” in loss and gains!

“Pain of losing value can only be compensated by earning value” for that to happen we need to develop a data-driven culture for any decision making,

for example, if you need to price a product or service you offer in an already established market, you might have numerous source to look at and compile everything together put them into a contextual proposition, and based on the result you can decide, on the contrary when you are trying to invest into a newly invented product or services then you go for need analysis data and decide based on the results, the point is either you venture into an existing marketplace or into a new venture where you don’t have many historical data to look, you should set your priority to develop a culture to have relevant data, then convert the data into meaningful by doing proper data analysis and then make the decision based on the result.

Data “The Facilitator” in Outsourcing Services

When you need data conversion Services to happen properly and with proper quality, it is very basic to understand the source data in greater detail, simply because the outcome whatever you produce may be right or wrong, the source data holds the base of the future of decision making, when you have a better understanding of the source data, seldom the results go wrong, even in rare cases if the result goes wrong, a course of data correction is always an option, but if the understanding of source data is wrong, the damage can be irrecoverable.

So, to do data profiling and data analysis we need a huge workforce, that’s when you might end up looking for outsourcing the Data Conversion task to different teams from different demographics cost-effectively. The only challenge would be to make the team you hire understand the base data and have confidence in the team you hired.

Data “i-Cons Technologies” in IT Enabled services for more than a decade!

Our team “i-Cons” have been providing Data Processing and conversion services in the ITES sector for more than a decade now, first, we understand client business, then the source data and identify the right solution and options to choose from, we can be the change you were looking for, we identify, we plan, we communicate, we test and then we deliver. We value your privacy, we value your data, we are a 100 % NDA-oriented company.