Photo Restoration Services

i-Cons offer services to restore your images to make them as good as new, if the images you poses are deficient of its look and freshness and lost its shine during the time period, we serve you with Hi-tech digital solution to help your images retrieve its novelty back. We secure the yesteryear memories of the images and make the moments captured in the form of pictures more relishing and fresh. All your antique photos are repaired and restored to fresh digital images.

Whether it be adding or removing objects from picture, or creating a montage our experience rich team would manipulate and restore them all. Our outsource creative services team is very much aware that innovation and creativity is on demand these days, Our professional work on restoration art of manipulation based on the clients request and instruction laid out. Our image processing services experts generate the out-of-the-box ideas that triples your concept running within the clients mind, leaving no stone unturned to satisfy our client expectation completely by offering the better than the best price the industry is offering.

Our Outsourced Photo Restoration Services includes:
  • Black and White to Black and White
  • Black and White to Color
  • Black and White to Sepia
  • Color to Color
  • Photo Restoration: LIGHT

    Photo Restoration (LIGHT) takes care of removing the minor scratches that are prevalent in the non-detail areas. This section also repairs and removes the glares, red eye, blemishes on face and least handles the color correction job, enhancing the net look of the image.

    Photo Restoration: MEDIUM

    Photo Restoration (MEDIUM) caters restoring services which is inclusive of removing major scratches, smudges, spots or even the handwriting for that matter. The Medium Photo Restoration services also comprises of working on a not so significant damaged photograph of one person, with the add-on photo restoration services such as removal of glares, red eye, blemishes on each face and finally the color correction job.

    Photo Restoration: HEAVY

    Photo Restoration (HEAVY) charges itself with photo restoration services of repairing the major rips, major tears or torn photographs, if any, fixing up the missing pieces of the photographs, repairing the severe surface damage reflected on the image. This section also deals with repairing the main object/objects (max. of two) that is/are damaged in the visible area but still can be recognizable. Along with all the aforementioned services, the basic photo restoration services of removing glares, red eye, blemishes on each face and the color correction job are also carried out. On demand, we also work on changing the background of the image.

    Photo Restoration: SEVERE

    Photo Restoration (SEVERE) has been built up with services that consist of repairing the extensive damaged image. This service also practices working on the main object/objects (max. of three) in the image that is/are very significant and also severely damaged. We also render the basic photo restoration services of removal of glares, red eye, blemishes on each face with the color correction job. On client’s request, we also serve the photo restoration service by changing the background of the image.