Company profile

Professional Audio, Video and Pro Lighting Company

Opened its doors in 1999 with over a decade of experience in the audio industry under our belt. With a great appreciation and passion for the art and science of music and sound, we set out to provide effective and efficient audio solutions for local churches, schools, studios, restaurants, and other commercial/retail venues. We quickly built on that foundation. Word of mouth travels quickly, and our relentless commitment to exploring and meeting specific customer needs within any given budget lead us to great commercial success. Over the years, we have grown into the full service audio/video/lighting “one stop shop” we are today. Armed with an unparalleled portfolio of commercial audio, video, and professional lighting equipment from over 300 manufacturers, we leverage our technical expertise and now nearly 20 years of experience to consistently deliver on our promise to make our customer’s audio, video, and lighting dreams become a reality.

We are committed to delighting our customers by offering world class customer service and technical expertise coupled with a full range of audio, video, and pro lighting equipment – all for the best value in the market. Honesty is out top priority and our staff exists here to make sure you get the Right audio, video or lighting product at the right price. If it’s just form buying a cable or a full Design / build project we will see your project through from start to finish. We are professionals who take pride in sharing our knowledge. We offer an unparalleled pre and post – sale customer care and service. We work closely with all our manufactures and reps, so we get their full attention when there are any issues that need to be addressed.

Their Services

Online wholesale and Retailers for Audio, Video and Pro Lighting Company across USA

Business situation (Why customer came to us)

The client was shopping around for finding a right partner to work on the Content Management System to Upload the products by doing extensive internet research and find the right products as per his requirement, we won the project by providing the sample exactly as requested and with better turnaround time and pricing.

Technical situation

We did the entire back-end content management for this website through internet research and analysis. The challenge here was getting the right information through internet research as we know internet research will throw more scraps than real values. Our product analysis knowledge helped us streamline this process and find the exact product as requested by the client.

Solution (The process we followed)

We were just provided with product name and the SKU number from there on, we do internet research and find the right product and post the details into the CMS login provided by the client.

Products and services our company used

Hardware Products used:

  • Intel Dual core processors with IBM server

Software Products used:

  • Adobe Pdf
  • Online Services
  • Client communications happens through Email and Telephone
Cost Saving & SLA Adherence Synopsis

Our cost effective ways of doing the process with reducing manual interceptions and 75% automation made the client happy with the turnaround time which reduced the cost by 80%

Benefits (How customer benefited and what are they)

Client was happily doing his marketing process as we were working on the contents and products for his website, this way the client improved his sales three times more than what he was already achieving.