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HTML XML Conversion

We convert all your publications from various hard copy paper-based sources or electronic files of virtually all formats. The kind of document that we process day-to-day vary for straight forward text documents, Articles of an format, Web based information’s , Book’s of any format and Complies Manuals and Structured Financial and legal documents. we do understand that deadlines and turnaround should be the prime criteria.

Our HTML/XML conversion process help organisation’s to meet their critical need, Our team understands the clients need with broader context, We proactive interaction during every stage of the process would help in achieving client needs with accuracy. We foresee and resolve integration issues and always focus on improvement at good phase at any stage of the process.

Our by large a experienced team with XML/SGML/HTML conversion knowledge would serve you in converting complex projects, Our process team are aware that the clients business are heavily dependent on information thus very professional with their approach towards handling the process.

Our XML / HTML Conversion Outsourcing Services Include :

  • Text files to XML / HTML Conversion.
  • Ms-Word Files to XML / HTML Conversion.
  • PDF files to XML / HTML Conversion.
  • Ms-Excel files to XML / HTML Conversion.
  • Quark Express, Pagemaker files to XML / HTML Conversion.
  • SGML Conversion Specification Developments.
  • Proofing, Validating and QC Audits.
  • Coding, Tagging and Marking
  • Developing or Modifying (Document Type Definitions)

We convert any unstructured data into usable digital formats as per clients requirements, Our experienced team use Programmatic, content analysis and transformation techniques and tools to achieve accurate, fast, reliable and re-usable Standard Generalized Markup Language(SGML) solutions at affordable prices.