Raw Image Conversion Services

There is probably more Misunderstanding or Misinformation and lack of information regarding what raw images are all about than any other digital imaging topic, there is many reasons for a artist or an photographer to shoot images in raw mode, also quite a many reasons why may people don’t!

Little bit of what we know on Image’s and Imaging!

When a digital camera makes an exposure the imaging chip whether its CCD or CMOS, it records the amount of light that has hit each pixel, or photo site. This is recorded as a voltage level. The camera’s circuitry either 12 or 14 bits of data are recorded. Incidentally if the camera records 12 bits of data then each pixel can handle 4000 and odd brightness level, and if 14 bit then it can record 16000 and odd different brightness levels. To our knowledge no current imaging technology records a true 16 bit worth data. Now we are really aware what happens to the image after the photograph is taken depends on whether you have the camera set to save images to the memory card as raw files or JPEG’s.

TIFF: Tagged image file format abbreviated as TIFF is a tag based file format which is projected to promote the interchange the digital imaging data. TIFF is a globally standardized graphics format that is used virtually by all graphic programs, there is no compression technique used, no loss of data associated, thus the file size increases to enormous proportions. Thus with this format we get more details as we need from the original. As it’s universally known if we save the file in raw mode, its subsequently loaded into a raw conversion program and then saved to TIFF or PSD format file, now it can be exported in16 bit Mode.

Today digital world is in constant need for image conversion from raw files into various formats for professionals and layman’s, we can bring out the Beauty of your Raw Shots. Raw image files contain much more data that can be used for color correction or pulling detail out of high light and shadow areas. We serve for all your digital needs.

We run the basic and complimentary image editing services of color correction and dust spotting to settle the final image output with a perfect look, our service includes photo retouching, photo restoration, raster to vector services and photo key wording.

Our Raw Image Conversion Service Includes:
  • Color Correction
  • Dust Spotting
  • Photo retouching
  • Photo restoration
  • Raster to vector services
  • And many more
  • Our Clienteles are reserved but not restricted to photographers, Production firms, Processing Houses, etc… We have explicated such services that specially and specifically stands with the needs of the client, so if you are looking for an outsourcing option of converting the RAW format to a digital standardized TIFF format, you are just reading the right page, Just get in touch with us and let us prove our credibility earned over time.