OCR-Optical Character Recognition

OCR recognition services – Full-Text Search is available for documents scanned from paper sheets, books, magazines and bound materials. All can include PDF output. We have a number of Forms Processing Solutions that use I ligent Character Recognition (ICR) to capture hand-written information, image marks, filled bubbles, etc.

PDF scanning – Using the Developer’s Version of ABBYY® , and various other tools and OCR techniques we customize large-scale PDF and OCR conversions to rapidly generate optimal output formatting to meet specific client requirements for paper scanning and digitization.

Should manual data entry be required where OCR recognition is not feasible, we can key and verify data at our facility. At lower cost, we have available an extensive network of in-site data entry affiliates.

No service bureau can match our experience and state-of-the-art outsourcing techniques. We have been providing PDF and OCR conversions since long time now.

We convert images and data from all types of media from rare books to existing computer files. Methods range from single page processing with manual data entry to high-speed OCR/ICR, PDF scanning, forms processing and media conversions. A growing number of clients use our conversion expertise and fax to email to integrate and deliver content into their own websites.

Our successful project management and data conversion experience is backed up by outstanding references in government and almost every paper-intensive industry.

We do not have an “out-of-the-box” approach to conversions. Our experience substantiates the commonsense premise that every client’s needs for outsourcing are somewhat different, even within the same industry, government agency and application area. As a result, every project is customized and tailored to specific client requirements.

Our Services Include :
  • Document Management using OCR
  • ASCII, RTF text files OCR
  • CD-ROM Cataloging and Publishing
  • Hand Print OCR
  • Typewritten OCR
  • Native application formats OCR
  • Permanent Records Scanning
  • Book Scanning
  • Graphics / Images Scanning
  • Receipts / Bills Scanning
  • Magazine / Paper Scanning
  • Litigation Support OCR :

    In order for you to search for information on imaged documents, information has to be converted to searchable text. One conversion process involves the use of an OCR program to read the image and convert the information to text. This important step enables you to search all of your documents for key words or phrases, giving you a more efficient and powerful litigation database.

    The potential of OCR systems is enormous because they enable users to harness the power of computers to access printed documents. OCR is already being used widely in the legal profession, where searches that once required hours or days can now be accomplished in a few seconds.

    Converting Images to Searchable Text OCR involves the recognition and conversion of printed characters on an image (picture) to searchable ASCII text (similar to type in a word processing program). Recognition is impacted by the quality of the scanned page. Even on quality pages, OCR output may results only in 80% accuracy and will need to be edited. The OCR’d text files can be linked to the original image and provided to the client with links that provide a useful transition from text to image.

    Full Text Clean-up with 99.9% Accuracy Our Experienced staff of editors will clean up OCR’d text and run it through a QC process to verify data integrity. Edited documents will achieve 99.9% accuracy in database text retrieval.