Image Stitching / Image Editing

Image stitching is a technique by which you can combine multiple regular-sized photographs into a single wide-angle picture. This is often referred to as a panoramic picture. Whether you are an occasional photographer or a professional, We will allow you to slip easily into the world of panoramic photography, Based on several pictures we can obtain larger picture with improved dynamic range. Let it be any landscapes, towns, interiors, crowds, or even 360 degree virtual visits our high quality stitching service would obtain optimum results.

Our stitching solutions are wonderfully suited for creating real-estate virtual visits, We have team to perform fast stitching with most advance technologies in most cases which are fully automatic, Our ability to cope with difficult scenes such as large white walls, We use full dynamic range by combining exposures, blend quality, reduce noise by coinciding all these factors our final output will be of exceptional quality. We are perfect solution for your image stitching solutions. You can often refer us with the expression “Picture Perfect”.

We can flawlessly stitch images of different parts into one large portrait, we can transform your photographs into works of art with our skilled digital image editing services. Outsource digital picture editing services to benefit from our accurate, professional and cost-effective services. People with business models such as photograph studios, photographers, modeling companies, real estate agents, marketing organizations, fashion institutions, publishers, magazine editors and web designers amongst others can look for our high quality services.

Our Image Stitching / Editing Services include :
  • Assembling the images
  • Finding Control Points
  • Refinement
We can also provide specific services such as :
  • Photomontage
  • Filter Effects
  • Montage Masking
  • Mono Conversion
  • Image Framing
  • 3D Stereogram Design
  • Aging
  • Airbrushing
  • Preservation
  • Background Replacement and Cleaning
  • Canvas Art
  • Cloning Colorization/Correction
  • Composites
  • Hand Coloring
  • Mosaics
  • Portraiture
  • Red Eye Correction
  • And many more